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Olga B. September 18
Shed service was the only bright spot in my overall stressful and challenging moving experience. The guys came in time, disassembled the furniture, packed everything very carefully, labeled the boxes - the organization of the process is outstanding. In no time my apartment looked organized and spacious. Special thank you to Chase and Davonte who helped transporting some furniture downstairs. You guys rock!
Emma L. September 16
We had the team Francisco, Mike, Devon and Santiago came out to help us pack all our stuffs that are going to the storage unit. They were every detailed oriented and friendly. I was very impressed by how they handled all our paints and mirrors so nothing would get broken through the transit. I would for sure recommend Shed Storage to my friends and family if they don't want any hassle when moving.
Erika H. September 14
Service was great Tiffany and willie were great and worked very hard Totally recommend shed Storage services Thanks Tiffany and willie
Queen C. September 14
Javier and His Partner did an amazing Job, they took their time delicately packing my home. Javier even went the extra mile to save me money by squeezing in extra items to avoid going over my limit. Great Job Guys, I was very pleased that all I had to do is point and they packed and the service comes with Boxes you cannot beat that for the affordable price. Love it.
Karole S. September 13
First of all, I want to say that all the 5 star reviews below gave me the confidence to use Hello Shed. I was not disappointed. This was the perfect option for me as I was moving at the end of a lease to a temporary location until the new one was ready. So, Shed actually did two moves for me, and seamlessly. I was impressed from the very start with the process. A team of two Shed employees (Chase, John) visited my place first to get a very accurate estimate of the amount of items and square footage I would be moving. They were professional, bright and super helpful. They put my mind at ease right away. Then the team that came out was really amazing. One team boxed, disassembled and wrapped the furnishings, and then another team came to move everything out and into the truck. They took a lot of care and treated your belongings as if they were their own. Everyone was pleasant, courteous, and professional (I have to say those bright shiny magenta moving trucks, just put a smile on your face, too.) I love the app which makes it easy for you to recall items from storage when needed. Which is what I did just two weeks later. The team of two (Ray and Chase, who had been to my place before for estimates and move did an amazing job and went above and beyond). Kudos also to the original team who had to go up and down stairs and did so like superheros. (Bill, Ray, Tiffany, Cesar, and Javier! and Chase - thank you!!) Also, the office people Jeremy, Fallon, Alexis are super helpful and do amazing scheduling and follow-up and are geniunely interested in your satisfaction. This company is all about customer service and innovation. I cannot recommend them more highly. And it is a great deal, too!
Ebi M. September 9
Excellent service... Sort it is a great idea for this company. They donated the items I didn't want anymore. Chase and Ray were helpful and very nice.
Matthew D. September 9
Shed Storage picked up and packed out our entire house for a upcoming renovation. They were nothing short of amazing. On time, professional, caring, polite, friendly and thorough. The job was completed in the exact time estimated. I highly recommend them.
Carol O. September 3
TIFFANY, DEVANTE and RAY were an awesome team. They called to notify of arrival time, arrived within the stated window, were friendly and polite, efficient and catalogued, wrapped, packed and moved all of our furniture and kitchen items carefully and thoroughly. This is the best storage service ever. Strong communication, great rates, quality personnel and materials all included. I will recomend this service to all of my friends doing renovations or moves. Amazing. Thank you.
Gregory S. September 1
I'll never go back to regular self storage. They pick everything up, catalogue it and drop items off as needed. Tiffany and Devon delivered some stuff for us this morning. They were professional, prompt and efficientno. Excellent company and customer service.
Angela B. August 30
This company is such a gem! I have worked with Clutter before and had some good service and some bad. This company is so much better! Today Lavon, Davonte, and Bill helped me move. They were efficient, kind, and professional. I have never been so relaxed during a move. Give these guys a raise! Thank you thank you!
Fatimatou D. August 29
Devin and Bill were hands down the best help! I have been arranging to help my mom move from across the country and Shed has been essential in making that happen. They are helpful, kind, efficient and all at a great price! I would highly recommend you use Shed for your storage needs. You won't regret it!
Amber R. August 27
SHED is truly amazing! They were so helpful and Javier and Devante were great! They made my sorting process super easy and I donated a lot of stuff too which they took! Even Casey, the estimator, was great! I would definitely recommend this company!
Jenn M. August 23
Francisco, Mike, Lavon, Chase, Bill, and Cesar. Thank you! These guys are amazing. They packed me up , were super nice , and oh so polite !! I thought this job was impossible- they never doubted they could get it done - and they did ! I would recommend them to anyone for any job any time !! Thank you guys - from the bottom of my heart .
J.H. August 18
I'm new to Shed and this by far was my easiest storage move! Francisco and Michael were very helpful! They arrived on time, helped me tape up my boxes, and also got them labeled & down my 2 flights of building stairs....all in less than 45 mins.
H S. August 16
The team did a great job with my move out! Really great/hard workers and very good with communicating every step. I feel like I'm in good hands! Thank you for everything -Heidi
Shonelle B. August 11
I am still in disbelief with this place. As a real estate investor, I have done a lot of moves and dealt with a lot of moving companies but never have I encountered a storage service that was so thoughtful and customer centered. I watched how you carefully packed and secured my belongings. The pick up and drop off service of individual items kept in storage is unheard of. The detailed labeling and tracking of my items that I can see and access from an app is just amazing. My items are cataloged so that they are easily accessible to me. It's just out of this world! I want to give a special thanks to all the guys that were a part of my move...from Jovan in the office to my estimator, to the actual packing and moving crew, Francisco, Mike, Cesar, Lavon, Jon, Chase, Mike, and Bill. All of you guys made this the easiest, smoothest, lowest stress move I've ever done and I truly hate moving. Thanks so much to all of you. You have basically earned my business for life and I will be referring you to all of my friends and family. Kudos!!
Rochelle O. August 9
Extremely satisfied with the service we received from Mike, Javier, and Harry. They arrived promptly at 10AM and were finished packing, cataloging, and moving our items onto the truck by 1PM. The team members were knowledgeable (answered every single question I had about their service), professional, and very gentle with our belongings. I highly recommend this service (rather than the traditional alternative of packing/moving your own things into a storage unit). They saved us hours of packing and moving. We are very happy with utilizing Shed Storage!
Lucresia M. August 5
Captain Chase, Tony and John were incredible! First of all, they really do come pack everything up for you! I was really dreading my move. Im a physician and I'm doing traveling work so I needed to put everything into storage... but I just finished training so def didn't have the budget for all inclusive high end moves. What impressed me the most was how they thoroughly protected my things. They were so detailed! Prior moving companies had damaged my furniture, including a painting I loved. I had actually booked another storage unit closer to me that I could bring things myself, just so my painting wouldn't get damaged. But after seeing the way they carefully packed and handled everything, I cancelled it; there really is no need. This has been the best moving experience! (I can't believe I'm saying that). I even saw them confirming that the pictures uploaded were representative of the piece of furniture/item- nothing was done in haste. They really covered every corner. Even to the point where when they disassembled my couch, they placed the nuts and bolts wrapped separately in its own box, took pics, and sealed it. My prior experience had been them taping the screws to the furniture which did not turn out so well for me. Putting the screws in a box that looks like the rest ensures it can't get lost. There were more and more of these littles things that demonstrate how thoughtful and careful my things were handled.
Jade A. August 4
Just had my move this week out of a 4 bedroom town home which is 3 levels. Javier and his the team moved really quickly cataloging, packing and moving everything out of my home. Shed supplies all materials needed. The movers are very friendly and professional. I am really happy with the move and my movers. Highly recommend shed, the price is comparable to movers who just move and store. But Shed will also pack! Stress less moving!
E L. August 3
WOW!!! Harry and Lavon completes my move to storage today-- THEY WERE AWESOME! They arrived promptly, were extremely courteous and amiable, and answered ALL of my little questions My move was completed in about 4 hours, and everything was handled with care and very professional. THANK YOU
Jessica O. July 30
Best, full-service movers ever. We had Santiago, Tiffany, Francisco, and Cesar help us pack up a 3 bedroom apartment in Silver Lake for a temporary out of country move. They did EVERYTHING, including coming back for something I forgot. Highly recommend this company! They think of everything. Could not be happier with the experience.
Gabbi P. July 24
Writing this review as the team just left my apartment, and I have to say that I was so happy booking with Shed! So quick and efficient, they blocked out 1-3pm and were wrapped out with forms signed and cleaned up pretty much by 3pm on the dot! They were so great and professional while packing, sorting and categorizing all the things I didn't have time for. Im looking forward to see all of my items via app, Im sure its going to make pulling items out so much easier as well! If you're thinking about booking with them, do it! Shout out to Tiff, Jon Hayes, Mike, Chase and Santi! They did such a great job!
C M S. July 14
Javier from Shed Storage was AMAZING today! He helped me pack up my entire place in under 2 hours AND no extra charge. Ever since I switched from Clutter to Shed, I have been very happy with the customer service and overall company. I thought I lost a very special picture poster that was made for me and they actually went through my boxes and found it for me. It was very appreciated because I didn't have the time to go do it myself. Not only that, it's also affordable. I was paying $260 for my storage at Clutter and now am only paying $182 monthly AND I have A LOT in storage! Shed maximizes your unit space to ensure you aren't paying for unused space. STELLAR!!! Thank you Javier and Shed!!!
Amy F. July 12
Chase, Tiffany, and Bill were so helpful and great. They made a hard task so much easier. I appreciate all of their help with sorting my stuff and getting me ready for my house painting. Thank you to a great team of professionals.
Linda M. July 7
I used the Shed sorting service and I'm really happy with the results. I want to thank Case and John for making it easy and speedy.
Annie M. June 20
Absolutely-hands down the best storage service EVER!!! Not only are you getting a great deal, the business is properly run in terms of strong communication and it makes it super simple for the customer! I was very pleased with the two guys who picked up my belongings: Chase and John! They were friendly, effective, and got everything packed and ready to go in less than an hour! I am very impressed and highly recommend using these guys! :)
Connor P. June 18
Shed Services is a fantastic company. The customer service reps are very helpful and diligent about following up, the storage/moving rates are unbeatable and the movers were very professional and efficient. Javier, Mike and Francisco were super friendly and they packed up our place in less than four hours. Our neighbor was randomly moving out on the same day and she hired a different moving crew. After watching both crews work, she came over and made me write down all of the Shed Service info. We were all very impressed. Thanks Shed. I'll keep recommending your company to our friends in LA
Silvia C. June 16
We couldn't be happier with the service from the three awesome guys who worked with us on 9/15/2019: Francisco who was our estimator great as an estimator as great on the day of the job. And also came for the job with Michael and Levon. They were very nice, understanding, helpful, super hard workers. The boxes they need to repacked, they did them in a wonderful way. Beyond awesome. They were hard, fast; yet, they always looked calm, just what we needed. The communication with the office before they came for the job was very good. Everyone on the phone was very pleasant We hope that when we ask for boxes back the same crew would take care of our boxes and come over on the trips we need from them. We hope as well, our boxes in the warehouse are being taking care as great as Francisco, Michael and Levon did while we were together Up to now, our experience has been wonderful. We would love to get the same guys whenever we want some boxes, exchange them, adding more or simply getting rid of some little by little. Congratulations to our three guys. We couldn't have better people. Your Very grateful and happy customers: Silvia, Lisa and Juan
Marc O. June 13
Francisco came out today and took great care in cataloguing, photographing, and packing my stuff. Most painless process of putting things into storage I've ever had.
Tari R. May 29
Javier, Tiffany, and Francisco were so amazing!! They took complete care with our items, were patient with explaining how the app and pick ups and returns work, and even indulged us with checking through boxes and containers to be sure we wanted things stored!! They made this the best experience possible AND they pick up from public storage.l
Jay P. May 28
Worked with John and Javier today. They were excellent and answered any questions I had. I'd recommend Hello Shed and these two services any day. Thanks again, John and Javier!
Ronnie W. May 26
Great company Javier, Francisco, and Mike were efficient, carful and accommodating. Worked fast. I would recommend them if your going to move. Made things a breeze. That you Shed Storage!!!!!
R T. May 17
We had a very professional service from the very beginning, starting with Jovon on the phone. He answered all of my questions and set up my appointment for two days later. Francisco, Santiago and Javier showed up to our house to pack up our stuff. They were courteous, clean, knowledgeable and most importantly, friendly, all the way through. Our stuff was not highly valuable but they treated everything with respect. I even had stuff that was sitting outside and got ruined by the rain but they just pointed it out and asked me if I really wanted to store it, which I didn't. They packed up everything with care and took pics so we can see what we stored in their app. They also packed everything efficiently so we used a little less space than we thought we would. We went to our storage unit after that and they packed up the stuff we had there too. A couple of negative things for a complete review that were very minor and don't affect my rating. They charge by the cubic foot, fairly. The price ended up being just a little more than the self storage we were already paying for. You can add stuff at any time if you want to and they will just charge you for the additional space. However, if you significantly reduce the volume you are storing, even if you keep the same 12 month plus term, they will not adjust the volume down. This does not affect me but it was surprising considering how accommodating the rest of the service is. The other thing I was wondering is why the cubic footage is 350cf instead of 400 for a 10x10 space. Following the rest of their calculations, 10x10x4 equals 400 but they state a 10x10 is 350. Again, doesn't affect me since I'm only using 200 but is a head scratcher. I am in the middle of several projects in the house and this company would be my first recommendation for anyone that has any normal storage needs. It's so easy and non-irritating as opposed to dealing with public storage.
Andy L. May 17
I was at work when the Shed guys came to our apartment to pick things up. I'd dealt with them on the phone and liked them much better than others I contacted. My wife was extremely apprehensive about putting some fragile pieces in storage and was not in a great mood before they arrived. Once they got there, she texted: "Nice guys, there's 3 of them." By the time they were done, they'd wrapped everything very carefully and bundled it onto their truck and she then sent: "These guys are totally worth the money." Knowing her, I can't imagine a better recommendation.
Nyei M. April 23
This is next-level storage. Chase and his team came and packed up and photograhed all my storage. They were on time, professional, efficient, congenial, and I couldn't be happier.
Lisa L. April 20
Shed it services is AMAZING! This company helped me sort through years of stored clutter in about 5 hours. The young man helped me go through all of my items, piece by piece. He was very professional, patient, kind and hard working. The whole crew was very courteous and respectful of my family and our home. I highly recommend Shed it Services for anyone with too much clutter, and you just can't seem to be able to organize it on your own. Thank you to the entire crew who helped me and my family today. God Bless You.
Say W. April 14
Shed moved me out of my storage unit this morning and into Shed. It was easy, efficient and Shed's team were kind, laid-back and great to work with. I had secured my pickup date over the phone a few weeks prior - they gave me the rundown on how the process would work...I would be called on the day of, ~30mins before they were to arrive, between the hours of 9am and 10am. At 9am today I got a call saying they would arrive by 10am - perfect. At 10:00am, they were at my storage unit. Three Shed employees, just for me. I let them know what I wanted moved, how I wanted it packed and they took care of the rest. Because I signed up for a year contract, the moving, packing and packing supplies all came with my (low) monthly rate. They took photos of and barcoded everything as they went so I could view my items through their app and request deliveries should I need anything in the future. I've checked the app since and yep, everything is there. It took about an hour and a half total for them to move me out of my storage unit and repack all my things into my new Shed storage pod. I could have left earlier into the process, but I wanted to stick around to see how everything fit at the end. I'm saving 8% on my monthly storage bill with Shed and with the free moving/packing materials due to my 1-yr contract, this was extremely easy and a no-brainer. Thanks, Shed! - Lindsay
Chris M. April 7
Shed services is a great resource when you need extra storage. The drivers and movers were very professional and friendly and moved everything very quickly out of my unit. Prices are very reasonable as well since they provide multiple resources more than an average storage unit.
Eldon P. April 6
Today I had service using Shed Storage, I was assisted by Chase, Inhee, Tiffany and Casey! Let me tell you! They were the best and professional group of people I've ever met! I had so much fun with their service! I would give them 100000 stars if can! They are great examples of what hard work and amazing sprits shine on a company! I would recommend everyone to use Shed Storage! Thank you again! Tiffany, Chase, Inhee and Casey! You guys are RockStars!!!!!!!!!!!!!l
Kenn G. March 18
Robert. Chase and Tiffany are the best! An amazing experience. We love shed amd will be customers for a long time.
Jennifer D. March 3
Great experience. Team came out, packed up art work, gym equipment, and other items. Took pictures of contents, Barcoded each box, and took it away! The app has all of the items listed and can be retrieved easily.
Sandra B. February 28
Chase, Jay, Francisco!! You guys were amazing. I don't know how I could've ever done this without your team. It was such a huge job. I am forever grateful to your company and to the fact that my homeowners insurance is going to pay for this! LOL
Thomas M. February 16
Jay and Chase came out and grabbed our stuff quickly and efficiently. They were super nice and careful with our things. We're coming from Clutter, where we had to pay $35 every time we wanted any item from our storage. Shed doesn't charge (you get one per week), and they have the option to go get the item if you like if you give them 24 hours notice. So glad we're switching to this company.
James L. January 29
They were great easy hassle free. Even gave me Starbucks coffee. I thought I would need a bigger more expensive unit but they told me that I don't need it and saved me money
Peter M. January 23
I can't say enough good things about Shed. We needed some extra space but also access to the stuff we needed to store. Shed made it possible. Scheduling, contracts, pricing, were all super clear. The guys that came this morning were great, easily maneuvered through a near impossible parking situation and got everything packed up and out in less than an hour. Highly recommend.
Todd W. January 23
What are you doing reading this? Don't even hesitate, call them right now. Whether your storage needs are for personal, or business. This is the only company to even look at. when you're comparing the pricing. You have to factor in renting the U-Haul filling the gas returning U-Haul the hassle of bribing your friends to come and help you move etc. This is all taken care of by them. And the people, the people are amazing. From your phone contact to the individuals I listen to your property. The two gentlemen that came to my property to help me out. Packed my things with better care than I would have. They were consummate professionals. The funny thing is. When they were coming I was waiting for them to get their drink orders to go to Starbucks. But to my surprise they offered me coffee and orange juice that they purchased and brought with them. These two guys were the nicest individuals I've ever had the pleasure to work with. The type of people I would actually bring to my parents house for dinner, not even joking! In my opinion there is no other option for your storage needs. I'm a first-time customer and will be a lifetime customer from this point forward. And so will you.
Sarah J. January 21
We had an amazing experience ! Couldn't have been better- they barcoded everything - took pictures of it all and I can see everything on an app. So easy and one half of the price I received as I shopped around . The men were kind and offered drinks . Such a great way to revolutionize the storage system ! Well Done Hello Shed !!! I wish I had thought of this
Steve B. January 16
Shed is a phenomenal business!! A few months back, I hired them to pack up my apartment and put everything into storage. They were as a good a company as any I've ever hired. They made time commitments and always kept them. Both the drivers and customer service truly understood how to treat a customer. Today, I needed to retrieve some of what I had stored. I used their mobile app to identify what items I wanted delivered. In less than a 1/2 hour, I received a phone call confirming my request. Shortly after that, I received another call confirming that they could deliver today. A couple of hours later, I had my stuff. These days, it's difficult to find service like this. I am so grateful for Shed and the wonderful way I've been treated. I have absolutely NO hesitation in encouraging you to use their packing, storage and moving services. Well done!!!!
Linda M. January 9
I am so glad I contacted Shed Services, every time I called my questions answered with a world of patience. When the day arrived to pack up my belongings three extremely nice gentlemen arrived on time and went right to work. I did some comparing and Shed Services was the best price and included more than any other storage facility. I highly recommend this company. Linda M.
Jamie P. December 31
The Shed Storage team was fantastic. The were on time, very efficient and polite. They treated all my boxes with care. This is the best storage/moving experience I've had. HIghly recommended!!
Jaime H. December 22
Super happy with this service so far. And the guys who packed up my things were truly the best. Top notch service and super helpful!! I looked around at tons of options. But this was the only one that had everything. Pick up your stuff, pack it catalog it safely, insure it, give you an app for it oh and did I mention everyone I have dealt with was so nice. A competing service I spoke to was not only a bit rude every time we spoke, but told me that for a guitar I had without a case, they weren't responsive unless I bought a hard case. Not Shed. They told me ahead of time it was no problem. They would bubble wrap the heck out of it. I was immediately reassured by their kindness and professionalism. Then on packing day, my crew was amaze balls. And I watched them wrap the crap out of not just the one, but 2 guitars and a ukeleke (those 2 had soft cases, but they had no problem ensuring they were safe). They were truly awesome and made me feel so much better. When you are moving you want support and to know your stuff is safe. This team offers that. Thanks guys!!!
Dorielle B. December 19
I did extensive research to find the best company to pack up my items and store them during a home renovation. Shed Storage was by far the best priced, best value, easiest to understand, no hidden fees, magical quote I got. Plus, they not only pack your items, they have a team called the Catalogers who take photos of everything so that you can view your items later clearly online and get items sent back if you need them. They offer a flat rate and there is no additional charge for packing materials (no hidden charge for wardrobe boxes, mattress bags, tape, etc.), and no charge by the # of movers, no charge for the mileage or the gas. ​The staff is amazing. They show up with iced coffee and waters for your family, it's such a nice gesture, and everyone is smiling and kind. Jason came out about a week before to review all my items and create a more custom estimate and plan. On the day of, the move our Catalogers were Chase, Jonathan, and Brice. They were awesome, careful with our items, and listened to my guidance about packing newborn baby items together even though I had them in a few different locations in the room. Our movers were Lavon and Robert who showed up a couple hours later to actually pack everything into our storage container which was completely open on the side so I could view everything and see how they were packing it. After the job was done, Jason followed up with me the next day to check in. It was truly a wonderful experience. If you need to store anything, Shed Storage is who you should use!
Kristin V. November 22
On this day of which most of us give thanks to the blessings in our lives... I sit here pondering for what do I have to give thanks? Sitting in a dump of a motel, where the heater can't heat because more wind coming in through the closed windows that don't even lock properly Where the water tastes like a dirty fishbowl And not a bite of food for humans has been seen in a week Displaced from our home during this holiday season so that the living conditions of our current dwelling can be remediated after being neglected for over 6 years now It gives me peace of mind knowing that the majority of what I still have left in this world is being kept in the magical kingdom of shed This company which has only been here in the states for about 4 months or so was like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow Instead of leprechauns though this pot of gold is run by an amazing group of unicorns long thought to have died out in this day and age I had the pleasure of speaking with and meeting the majority of young men and women in the pictures shown here From my first contact via telephone with Jimmy To my last contact with Jason who from the start to finish made himself available throughout I feel awful that names are not my forte and apologize to those whose names I am blanking on trust me it means nothing about how I feel about y'all each and every one of you From Lavon(ne?) and Jay, Chase (bank), 'Romeo' (I think you know who you are if not, you better ask somebody, lol jk), Javi(er)[1st and 2nd team and the Sunday alternates] and yes I forgot two names my bad and never quite caught the angel on the phone and was it Vince who did follow up calls?? But admittedly forgot Jay's partner's name and 'Romeo' was not Romeo called he doth had some other name that I hath failed to recall Each and everyone of them a handpicked UNICORN People who actualy take pride in their work and stand behind the job they do A company of integrity and good manners moral fiber and transparency I am still amezed and awestricken to have stumbled upon this gem of gems a true treasure and breath od fresh air in the times we live in The ingenuity of this company is remarkable it is a company for the times and very reasonable priced not only among the competitors but for the service they provide Trust me any individual who can tolerate me and have the patience to put up with me for more than an hour must have something magical within them And these poor gents they put up with me for over 8 hours 8 grueling hours of my nonstop verbal diarrhea torture, and never flinched nor grimaced nor got rude nor nasty Perfect gentlemen the whole time I would adopt them all as my sons if I could Now some may not agree with some of their storage policies But those of you with enough intellect to understand Will know that these policies not only protect you and your belongings but those of your fellow storers too They are all reasonable and common sense dictates they are also viable reasons I insisted those who were paying for my temporary relocation use this company over any other for I hate bait and switch tactics and small print or hidden fees I like their directness, transparency and straitforward no nonsense practices Company bagan in Vancouver either January of this year or last I forget but am so glad I found them Therefore the one saving grace and thing I could find to be thankful for in this dismal place in my life on this day of giving thanks... AND ALL I COULD FIND WAS THOSE WHO SAVED MY BEHIND AND STORED ALL MY STUFF IN THERE SHED A WEIGHT OFF MY SHOULDERS AND HEAD ALL THE UNICORNS ARE KIND GIVING ME PEACE OF MIND BY MY HEART I WAS LED TO THE MAGICAL COMPANY OF 'SHED' HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL AND TO ALL ...GO TO BED!!! with love, hugs and sincerest gratitude always, Kristin Voigt OH! but I feel so bad forgot to touch on some other great parts like how personable they are their customer service even before they are guaranteed your business the pride they take in their company those special touches I have become accustomed not to expect in this day and age forget a flight and a stewardess Coffee Tea or Me has changed it's tune to Coffee Juice or Water please....and I wrote a poem about it...and it goes a little something like this: When I've nowhere to lay my head, No place to put my belongings or bed, That's the time to call 'shed'... I'll tell you more, And try not to bore, But they store... They will take care of you, Offer Coffee, Juice or Water too, I thought you knew?! So don't be a sap, Just download their app, Best company on the map!!
Marvin R. November 16
This company is amazing! They were right on time and packed everything with care. I thought this company was to good be true but I was wrong. I could not have asked for a better experience and they even swept my garage when they were done with the job! I have seen the future of storage and I LOVE IT!
Karen R. November 5
I recently found myself in a position where I needed to move out of my place and not sure where I was going to land. I called around to movers and to self-storage facilities to try to get pricing, figure out logistics, etc. I happened upon Hello Shed on Google. I rang their offices and they walked me through their services. Honestly, it seemed too good to be true. They are new to the LA area but I was getting down to the wire so I took a chance, and boy am I glad I did. Moving is stressful enough, but this could not have gone more seemlessly. First a crew of three guys came to evaluate, organize, catalog, and begin packing my items. They were SO polite (their parents deserve a gold star!) and thoughtful. They took great care of my things, worked hard and didn't hesitate to ask me my preference or if they had any questions. Then the heavy lifters arrived and they were equally as polite, friendly, hard-working, and diligent. I can't recommend this company and their services enough. Well done and if they continue this level of service, they will be the premier one stop moving company in LA.
Cynthia L. October 20
I recently moved and needed to put Some items in storage. I stumbled across SHED storage while doing research online. I called several different companies but ultimately decided on SHED. They are new to the LA area but have had years of experience in Vancouver. I was impressed with their website and their pricing and the fact That they have no hidden costs. And the Best part is, they will bring back your items to you should you need them. No Need to go to them. And they pack up Your items as well, and it's included in 1 price when you sign a longer term contract. I signed for 1 year. The team Arrived the day before my move (5 men- All dressed very professionally) and packed my items very quickly. They also photograph and inventory everything and you can view it on their APP. I highly recommend SHED.
Eric N. October 18
I recently moved and needed to put Some items in storage. I stumbled across SHED storage while doing research online. I called several different companies but ultimately decided on SHED. They are new to the LA area but have had years of experience in Vancouver. I was impressed with their website and their pricing and the fact That they have no hidden costs. And the Best part is, they will bring back your items to you should you need them. No Need to go to them. And they pack up Your items as well, and it's included in 1 price when you sign a longer term contract. I signed for 1 year. The team Arrived the day before my move (5 men- All dressed very professionally) and packed my items very quickly. They also photograph and inventory everything and you can view it on their APP. I highly recommend SHED.
jeechol kim October 18
1. Right on time: my schedule was from 1 to 3 pm and they arrived at the front door at 12:59. 2. Professionals based on team-work: they know what they are doing. They packed and moved our belongings safely and efficiently. 3. They know their company: I have asked a few questions not only about services and benefits I get from the company but also a bit of background of the company and the answers were great and surprising. 4. Attitude: crews were very friendly and professional. 5. Organized: from booking... they call you to make sure what they will be expecting so that they can be prepared. They call you a couple of days prior to the schedule date just to make sure there are no surprises on both parties. And they come and get things done. You can download an app to see your belongings via your phone and make requests via phone app as well which was very convenient in many ways. I am very pleased to use such services. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone who are interested in and/or in need of putting things away. I wish there are more benefits for users who will be using more than 12months, 24 months, and even 36 months. (or you already have plans for it??? :) If so, I am very interested in being notified!!!) Very well done and Keep it up Shed!!!
Henry Kwok September 17
Josué Menjivar September 16
Truly professional company. I was so impressed with the people and the service. If you can do it, this is worth it. Stress free and efficient. Like
Barrie White September 16
I have been very satisfied with Shed Storage Services. Their employees are very friendly and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone who requires a moving company. I could not have chosen a better company when I moved from one house to another.
harmony williams September 9
Shed was able to pick up with very short notice (next day!) They were fast and friendly and handled everything with care. When they were finished they took the time to explain how to access our belongings online and about the 2-hour delivery.
Janet Simons September 8
신난다 September 1
Dianne Eustace August 31
Devon and Ken were friendly and helpful during this otherwise stressful move. They were very accommodating and went the extra mile to ensure everything went smoothly.
Arti Prasad August 30
Original Pickup:A very very cool concept of taking self out of self storage.Dexter and team did really awesome job.Amazing customer service. Delivery Day:Van, Maitland, John, Manny, Jass delivered all our stuffs after 1.6 years in storage.I was amazed with the way they were still clean and well kept.I will not hesitate to hire them again for future storage and moving.Great Jobs guys!!!!
Ali Nah August 25
Christopher H. August 24
Great experience. So easy to set-up. Staff team was quick, friendly and extra helpful.
Thomas Park August 22
Jan Day August 20
Diana Kang August 16
Charles Wanless August 15
Chase and Harry were amazing! Just used a special coupon my fiancee and I received for 3 months storage with Shed, and the process couldn't have been easier. Everybody was kind, positive, and easy to communicate with. Our actual movers (Chase and Harry) made my day by bringing water and Gatorade, and making great conversation! They moved efficiently but carefully. If retrieving items from storage down the road is as easy and positive as this experience has been so far, I think I might keep using the service long past my coupon. Bottom line: I strongly recommend SHED over any other storage or moving service!!
Emma Segal July 30
Just had Shed come and pick up (and some packing - I bought boxes before I knew that they would pack for you) and store my things for the next few months while travelling. They've been excellent with communication, super nice, friendly, fast, flexible, efficient and clear about everything and I can't imagine using a different way of storage now - the cost is comparative to renting a truck and getting separate storage, but once you factor in delivery and packing, it's actually cheaper. And way more convenient. And they have an app so you can get things delivered easily. I'm surprised nobody else is running a business like this actually. Thanks guys!
Ray Lam July 29
A full service storage company that includes wrapping, packing, labour, moving, delivering and storage for a price cheaper than self storage. I predict Public Storage to be out of business soon. They did a wonderful job at my parents house. Highly recommended.
PJ McLachlan July 27
Stellar company! I Was a bit hesitant using them because they sounded too good to be true and I'm a skeptic by nature. Well it is TRUE. No hidden fees or agendas. The guys were professional and friendly and trusyworthy and they packed things so efficiently that the storage fee will be less than estimated. This was a big job and these 7 guys worked for 2 days to carefully wrap and protect the furniture and pack the entire home. So I guess this skeptic is converted. I will be telling everyone who needs storage ..even those who think they don't..about Shed.
Andrea Curtis July 26
I LOVE that with Shed, I have inventory and storage in one. The service so far has been great. Looking forward to sticking with them as their mobile app gets even better.
Patty Nayel July 25
It was so nice to have someone come in and pack everything up so well. I hope the unpacking is just as easy!
I was impressed with the service. Professional, fast and the guys were friendly and on time. I will definitely recommend this company to friends and family. Excellent job and looking forward to working with you in the future
lynda le July 18
Jag, Dom and team were over the top amazing. From the beginning to the end of the process they made it extremely easy. They were so careful with all of my stuff and I highly recommend them!!
Very professional service. They arrived right on time with a big crew of movers. They bubble wrapped and catalogued every item, and moved it all pretty fast and carefully, and the service people are friendly and respectful. Definitely recommend them
Danny Xia July 6
Marie Burning June 29
Awesome team led by a Filipino made my moving out day a breeze. They won't take things off the walls but they lent me their tools to do it myself and packaged everything that came off of the shelves. Thorough care in cataloging items, if the boxes are already taped shut they won't open them to take photos so if you want photos of the contents leave the boxes open, or wait until these pleasant young men provide a box and bubble wrap all your precious things.
Vicki Stott June 26
Great product. .kind service
Ramram R June 20
Dangerous and reckless driver driving with trailers and no regard for others. Update... Got a call from manager and CEO. They showed genuine concern and I believe them that they will take necessary steps. Thanks for your understanding gentlemen
Serjoe tabamo June 20
They were prompt and very friendly staff
Yusuke Ogura June 17
They are awesome!! They know what to do, very professional and fast. They arrived a little bit late but they apologized very professional manner. I recommend everyone and I will use this company again for sure.
The moving team is professional and helpful. Overall I am pleased with their service despite they broke one of my light shades during packing.
Mika Kamel June 12
We regret to hire this company. Our belongings were totally damaged and the compensation was not sufficient to cover all the damages. Even during moving, they damaged our brand new house... They did not protect walls and staircase etc. If you care about your property and personal belongings, you better find other well-established and trusted companies.
Aliza B June 10
As a person with significant disabilities, shed has helped me tremendously! I don’t have to do any heavy lifting and scheduling a delivery or pick up is very easy! It’s also super reliable and if you are an artist and need to store canvas, art projects, or supplies (just not paint or liquids) this is worth the monthly fee - you can get a free delivery every week.
Kristin Lathrop June 10
I'm very happy with the services provided by the Shed team. The crew that came to my scheduled appointment was friendly and efficient. They handled my belongings with care, packing, wrapping and taking photos for the app. There were some technical difficulties with the app in the morning, but they were solved quickly and it did not effect the appointment at all. Shed really offers peace of mind—moving and storing in one service is GENIUS. I trust my belongings are in good hands!
An all round great service from Shed. All of the employees I encountered both on the phone and in person were extremely professional and went out of their way to ensure I received great service. I highly recommend using Shed for moving and storage around the Lower Mainland.
Overall I'm quite happy with how friendly and reliable the staff at Shed is. Quite pleased with the warehouse set up and delivery. There is always room for improvement. Perhaps the communication between the office staff and the staff at warehouse could be improved. Overall it is a 8/10.
Adril Jessa June 5
These guys are Pro’s! There is no reason why anyone should be moving themselves. Personable professional and stress free moving. Attention to detail and very cost effective. I can’t say enough how pleased I was on my move out. I have zero worries about the move into the new place when we get one. Shed will take care of everything. When they say they will do it all... they mean it. They will probably do it Better then you can do it yourself. I was floored at how much packing material they brought, from Specialized TV boxes, wardrobe boxes and every other size box, to bubble wrap, tape etc etc etc. They were well prepared and had all the tools needed. I could go on and on about the great service. Use them! You won’t be sorry. Thank me later.
Tosin Afolabi June 3
Fantastic & super helpful staff, very efficient packing and storage help. Made moving a more stress free.
My overall experience with Shed has been amazing. Dante, Devin, Bowen and Van (the Shed movers) were extremely professional and friendly. They packed up our apartment with the same amount of care and concern I would have had (had I been on my own and not 9 months pregnant!). Everyone I have dealt with from this company have been amazing. They have taken the stress out of moving and storage. I highly recommend!
Excellent crew that came, very courteous and super concerned about our belongings. Some items I had already prepared and wrapped up but The SHED crew wrapped with bubble wrap over my wrap for extra protection! Awesome service!
Doug Bolton May 20
The friendly, helpful crew called ahead, showed up on time and were thoroughly efficient and professional. Bowen was very careful to make sure I understood the process and that no corners were cut.... everything was completely wrapped and protected and everybody was meticulously careful, both with my property and my home. This was the best moving experience I have had in nearly 70 years. Within an hour after finishing at my place, Jimmy from head office calked to check on my satisfaction, make sure everything went well and clearly explain the invoicing and storage charges. I would, and intend to, highly recommend Shed.
Dany F May 19
A great experience! The Shed Team arrived on time. They setup a work station within minutes and started documenting and packing. The whole process was very smooth: photo, packing, storing. The whole team was very careful and pleasant to work with. We are feeling confident that our belongings are in good hands. Thanks Shed!
I Just have to say although andrew was horrible. Mr. Jimmy, Mr. Jovan, Mr. Jay, Mr. Javier, and Mr. Santiago were immaculate! And they went above and beyond! They were patient poised, ready, and super dedicated! They checked, double checked,and triple checked Tirelessly for hours!!!WOW!! Mi Gente!
Hollie Luton May 17
I can’t believe how futuristic this method of storage is! You just call them, they come, wrap your things, put a barcode on each item, take it all away and then send you a list with photos of each item. That’s so they can deliver anything you need at any time over the course of your contract. Wow! In love with how convenient this service is and how adult it felt to work with them. The movers were also very nice.
Terri SA May 17
Dom and his crew were amazing! The floors and walls were well protected throughout the move, they were well organized and fast. All of the team worked extremely hard for the 5 hours they were here. The Place was left clean when they were finished. I would definitely recommend this company!
Roxy Ascensio May 16
I can not begin to tell you how happy I am with Shed. I had a very unplanned and sudden move and was extremely stressed and running out of time. Inhee Park and the entire staff went above and beyond the call of duty. They were patient, helpful, thorough, punctual and honest. It has been the least stressful move of my entire life. I have moved Countries, Provinces and cities countless of times. They were so organized and neatly bubble wrapped my items, they had a blue carpet so it protects your furniture. They had tape, boxes and all the supplies. They delivered to the storage, they marked all the items. I am so impressed by their level of professionalism. Without a shadow of a doubt I recommend them.
Myra Lam May 14
Seanna Evans May 9
DO IT. It is a bit cheaper than my unit in surrey, definitely way cheaper than units in vancouver, and the service is so amazing. They bubble wrapped all the individual items and put cardboard and bubble wrap on my glass frames. Everything has a photo and label and is tracked through their app for easy identification for pick up or delivery. Oh yea did i mention they PICK UP and MOVE all of your stuff and if you need an item they claim to deliver same day!! Im just starting out with them, but so far im very impressed with the professionalism and service. It's about time we have a company like this!
Great experience... So nice to not have to worry about the headache of packing and moving.
Mat Mars May 8
They were on time. Courteous and efficient. Would recommend them again!
Amit Dayan May 7
Team was awesome. Packed and loaded on thr truck like true pros. Especially appercepted the handling of furniture and getting the heavy items out
Mimi Fourie April 23
What a breath of fresh air! Shed Services were so professional, courteous, on time, no hidden fees! THANK YOU!
Tim C April 17
The guys was ontime and friendly. They need to advise the customers when the storage is going over the limits before packing it away. Apart from that, it's a great service. TC
Dave Thomas April 17
This organisation is very impressive. They gave a quick quotation, revised downwards when the actual furniture took less space than expected; they turned up exactly on time, having given plenty of advanced notice; they wrapped the furniture completely, and removed it expeditiously; and then they repeated the process when the furniture was delivered after 6 months storage. They even called me when I phoned them after hours but had not left a message. I would whole heartedly recommend them to everyone.
Mario Ariza April 16
The folks at Shed were very careful and communicated clearly throughout the packing process. They were very well prepared with all the tools, packing materials, and manpower needed to get the job done. Highly recommend!
Jason Biggin April 15
Deborah Goepel April 14
Amazing experience- start to finish . Highly recommend for any of your storage needs . People on the phone where awesome and pick up and delivery people also very professional ! Well done !!!
Candace C April 12
Not sure why you would choose any other company than shed storage , they are above the rest ! This team does it all ! So professional, they wrap and label everything for you and put it on an app ! Pick up and stores it ! Rates for stoarage are better than other comparisons and they have a lot more to offer :) they do all the work for you ! They also communicate with you the whole way through ! 5 stars for sure !
WillieBSober April 10
Shed Storage is literally one of the best companies I've ever worked with. Their system of recording my things could be a little tighter (just in that they let you know that there is a box in storage! But you don't know what's in it, unless you meticulously packed and labeled it yourself.) But honestly, all of that was so dynamically overshadowed by their help every step of the way on both ends: both getting packed and picking up my things. And the ease they created for me. They are personable, helpful, supportive and creative. I can't recommend this company enough!!!
Mimi Fourie April 9
What a breath of fresh air! Shed Services were so professional, courteous, on time, no hidden fees! THANK YOU!
Gurpreet Buttar April 8
very accommodating, efficient and friendly. Great and speedy service !
Charles Walsh April 2
John Oliver March 29
While we will not need to use this service very often I was pleased to be able to request a delivery from my stored goods (which came the same day) and to return something in its place for storage. And it's a free service with the contract I have! Brian, Dante & Manni arrived on time, and were very helpfull in the delivery & pickup. I am very pleased with the unique full service which Shed offers. J. Oliver March 4,, 2019
Billy Athanasiou March 13
The guys were Awesome, very helpful and professional. There is no way my wife and I could have done this on our own. We didn’t have to call up friends and see if their available to help us and get sorry can’t we’re busy. So we called our New Friends at Shed and they were Amazing. Thanks again Shed Cheers..Billy&Diane????
rukie karov March 12
John Morton March 12
Shed made my moveless seamless and painless! They showed up on time, packed with care, photographed and bar-coded everything, and were unfailingly polite and friendly throughout. Even when (my fault) I had underestimated the truck size, they had a second truck there within 45 minutes. I'll recommend them to all of my friends, and I certainly recommend them to anyone looking for moving and storage. A true 5 out of 5!
Kao Kao March 5
Jess L March 4
Very fast conveniet communications with the customer service office. Very friendly staff from the office to the field. You might think it's little fancy to use Hello Shed, but all the good services you get will pay you back. Perfect so far. Hopefully perfect until I'll get delivered all my stuff back :) haha
Belinda L February 16
When we had to put a number of items in storage last year, we chose Shed and were very impressed with how they came out to us and inventoried all the items we were handing over to them. After some initial issues with the wrong email address on our account that took a bit of time to sort out, we have had positive experiences adding items to our storage as well as having items brought to us. Recently, I purchased two antique dressers and a large antique mirror. The Shed team that came to our house did an outstanding job of carefully wrapping these items for storage. I will be interested to see how it all looks when we have the stored items delivered to our new home, but i trust that the Shed team is looking after our treasures.
Jeffrey Ingham February 13
This company is incredible!! Their customer service is out of this world! Anyone that needs storage MUST use them!
Tim Babcock February 6
The Shed Team was quick, and equipped to handle all our stuff carefully. Would highly recommend them to anyone. Such a great solution to storage needed in the lower mainland.
J H February 6
Amazing customer service! I chose Shed because for similar pricing to other storage facilities they would also pack and move everything. They showed up on time, were professional and very friendly, and followed up to make sure everything went well. Everyone I dealt with from the call centre, to the guy who came out to do the estimate, to the packing and moving team (shout out to Matt who ran the show) was great. I can't speak for the actual storage facility as I haven't been there and haven't used it for long enough yet, but my experience with Shed so far has given me full confidence in them.
Sam Gharegozlou February 5
Carli Ebbert February 5
Nikie Jephcott January 17
This company is A+. Every touch point is perfect. They offer an incredible service and execute perfectly. I can not recommend highly enough.
Tara Rowsell January 16
We recently made a move in Vancouver. Vincent was super helpful in explaining this whole process and getting us set up with a date. 1 thing you should note that we were not aware of.... they will NOT pack any liquids or food. This means most bathroom items, cleaning supplies, your extra items from costco because it comes in a pack of 4 ;) ....even if it is unopened. We didn't know this before hand and were disappointed. after calling the office again to say i was unaware and this should be disclosed when scheduling, they immediately remedied the situation and got a manager approval to take and pack all the unopened liquids. By this time, the truck had left... they still wanted to find a solution so they gave us a bit of a credit which was appreciated. No one is perfect and people and business's are new, forget things or make mistakes. Its all in how you handle or recover when the situation arises that matters the most to me!
kirk Rattray January 16
We are super happy with Shed Storage Services. Initially we were looking for a traditional storage facility when I noticed this service. The pricing was competitive and we wouldn't have to load up and make countless trips to a traditional facility. The true benefit is that they will deliver my seasonal items when I need them!!! It was easy to book and the team that showed up to pack and load was very efficient, friendly and professional. Great job...great service. Thanks!
Danny Dorosh January 12
Great customer service, from the individuals on the phone , to Shane, Luke and Jas who packed and transported my stuff. Very professional and easy to deal with.
Dominik Sommerfield January 11
Fantastic service and great value. Fast and professional. They follow up right away and try their best to accommodate your availability/schedule. I had them pick up some things from a different storage place. They were fast, efficient and did a great job! Highly recommend. Helps that their prices easily beat other storage places
T J January 11
I have been using Shed since Jan 2018 and they have been nothing but professional, courteous and there to make storing your stuff easy and accessible. I am entering into my second contract with them and would not even consider using any other storage facility. You don’t lift a finger to pack, move , store and retrieve. This is the most amazing storage company in Vancouver. Check them out Tim
tease69666 . January 10
Kaylyn Ry December 11
Excellent customer service from the time that they wrapped up my belongings to the time that I frantically called them to let them know I needed specific individual items and that I needed them on the same day. I also told them I had no idea where they were and if my boxes were clearly labelled. Despite that, they went above and beyond to help me even though they were completely booked for the day. Thank you to the support specialists (Jimmy and Falynn) for answering my questions promptly and for coordinating with the warehouse that I needed my items by a certain time. Thank you to the gentleman and nice lady (sorry I didn't get your names) who went through my insane amount of boxes just to locate the smallest and easiest to miss box where those items were stored. Also, thank you for the fun banter as the box was clearly labelled with what I was looking for. Sometimes a laugh is all it takes to erase a tough day at work.
Damon Harper December 5
I am very impressed with Shed so far. From the initial communication about their services, through setting up an estimate and the moving day, and following up afterwards. Matt and the team were amazing - efficient and friendly, and they worked together really well as a team. A few requests came up during the packing, like removing one item that got catalogued by mistake, or adding something that i'd forgotten initially. It didn't matter which team member i spoke with, the request got dealt with. The process itself took a full day and then some. Afterwards there was a glitch with the catalogue becoming available in the app, but i called them and it was dealt with quickly. It's amazing (and perhaps a little embarrassing) to be able to see all my stuff catalogued to such a level of detail. Some creative and amusing names for things in there, but it's all there and easy to access if i need something back. I feel i'm getting amazing value for the money i'm spending. If the return process goes as smoothly when the time comes i would not hesitate recommending Shed to anyone who needs hassle-free storage.
Ryan Cha November 16
This company is awesome. They handled absolutely everything for such a reasonable price. I would definitely recommend them
Teri Pittman October 25
Grace Lin October 19
I had a very pleasant experience with the team from Shed today! To be honest I was a bit hesitant before today, because I have not used a service like this before, but the moment their staff walked in my door this morning my doubts were cleared. They were very friendly, professional, patient, and handled my belongings with care. I'd recommend HelloShed to anyone who's looking for fuss-free and stress-free long term storage solutions.
Jen Harvey October 10
Management reached out immediately after my one star review and have gone above and beyond to do everything they can to make up for my unfortunate experience. I have been assured that systems and processes have been improved and that my experience was a one-off. I acknowledge the owner and board of the company for doing the right thing and look forward to seeing positive customer reviews in the future.
Maggie Ying Gu October 5
It was the best experience! They made our move so easy. I'm really happy I found them and will definitely use them again.
Lisa Alexander September 15
I have been very impressed by my interactions with this company. They have been responsive to communications and given thorough answers. They were fast and efficient at the packing/moving and each of their staff has been very pleasant to deal with. I also think they give great value!
Steven Trudel September 4
We have just had Shed come by to do a pick up. They were prompt and friendly. Our pick up was schedule at 9 and the arrived early. It was so nice not to have to move anything. They came in packed what we hadn't packed and properly wrapped our art work and fragile things. The app is also a great feature you can see everything in great detail that is in your storage unit. Prices are fair. If you use a 12 month contract there is no fee for boxes and packing material. I would highly recommend Hello Shed to anyone.
Natasha Gordon August 8
Great service and the team made moving items into storage so easy. The app is well built and you’re able to view all your items.
Anna Perry August 2
I came across HelloShed online and liked its' service, to pack and store by space used for reasonable cost for the service provided and as compared to traditional storage. My first impression has proved true above and far beyond my initial expectations. HelloShed scheduling phoned me soon after my online enquiry was received. We discussed the perimeters of my storage needs, as to space size & type of furniture & how long needed. We set a time and date. Lo and behold! On time. Well prepared. Team was competent, careful, courteous and worked well as a team. Packing and labelling & moving to storage done by the team TWICE in TWO sessions has been a good experience. New concept of storage service delivery. Excellent.
Really great and organized business, super easy to get my stuff whenever I need it. Would never move again without them.
Betty Yu June 5
We are very happy with the Shed Storage. The whole team provides excellent service and very professional
Linda Hoang May 10
Love this company!! The guy Dexter delivered my bike in 2 hours from when I requested it
Crissy Peterson September 16
it was the easiest and most efficient way for us to store things. I wish I had known about them years ago! convenient, informative and professional!
Dani Rook September 2
Shed is a great company. They showed up on time and literally bubble wrapped and packed everything for me. They were so friendly and professional and made moving stress free. We would def suggest them to anyone.
Clara La August 22
SHED is a great and timely concept for storing and moving. It’s the easiest way to move and store especially for busy and older people like me. Great team came promptly and started right away. They were efficient and careful with everything. Also a happy bunch of guys at work. I would recommend SHED to everyone I know anytime. Thank you SHED!!
Danny Xia August 21
Fast, good price
Yves Farges August 12
The New standard in storing your furniture for a move. Fast, efficient, polite, taking care to wrap all items. You get treated properly (even if the solid wood desk you are storing literally weighs a ton 🙄). The plans are based on cube (space) so it is economical.
The greatest way to store your extra stuff. Their employees are helpful and work quickly.
Jose Ramirez June 14
amazing and excellent service. super friendly staff and very helpful, they packed my books, TV and sofa very careful and very fast did the whole catalogue and put the stuff on the truck. Extremely happy with this service and their amazing customer service. Thank you guys, you were amazing!
Timothy Choy June 4
convenience and friendly staff
Katie Gagnon June 4
very helpful and prefessional
Tosin Afolabi June 3
Fantastic & super helpful staff, very efficient packing and storage help. Made moving a more stress free.
Sharon Tokar May 31
Always a gratifying and satisfying experience. Wonderful to see space where there once was none!
Nick Miles May 30
Movers were on time, very friendly and straightforward with the process.
Staff was super careful with my stuff, very friendly, quick and professional. Took 90% of the stress out of moving.
Andrew Liem May 29
Amazing service - Friendly & Responsible Staff
Anna Romano May 21
This team, right from the get-go, was professional: efficient, on-time, communicative AND personable. I would not hesitate to hire them again. Thank you.
Great services and reasonable prices.
I 100% recommend Shed. Chase and John were awesome! They completely helped us empty our huge storage shed, packed up all loose items, and loaded it up on their truck! It was awesome! Chase and John were so kind, helpful, and fun to talk with during the process. I’m so excited that this service is in Los Angeles! Thanks Shed!
Vik Sheldon April 29
These guys were very professional and helpful. Very grateful to have my possessions easily available. Great business model
Sandeep Gill April 29
I would use Shed again. They were prompt with their schedule, courteous staff and handled the items with care.
Lisa Johnson April 29
very friendly staff, very accommodating, willing to bend over backwards to satisfy customers
Terri Titford April 25
The moving crew was on time. They worked very hard packing everything up. Respectful of my belongings. Professional. The supplies used were good quality. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience !
Great service! On time, professional, and would highly recommend them! A great option if you’re doing a reno. They packed things thoroughly and carefully.
Laney Kins April 21
Super convenient service! The team even helped me move my things that were not stored with Shed! Highly recommend
Ann Stavenjord April 11
SHED stored all our household goods/furniture for 7 months during a move/reno. From packing, transport, storage, delivery and unpacking- everything was seamless. Dealing at the admin level was also great and customer service was at a high level. Hard to believe they provide all these services for a very reasonable cost. Much cheaper and efficient that others. The whole concept works well. Other moving companies should be concerned as SHED is carving a pretty nice niche in the market. We have no problem in recommending SHED for your move and storage needs. Our experience was????. THANKS SHED!
Mario Ariza April 10
The folks at Shed were very careful and communicated clearly throughout the packing process. They were very well prepared with all the tools, packing materials, and manpower needed to get the job done. Highly recommend!
Shed Storage is literally one of the best companies I've ever worked with. Their system of recording my things could be a little tighter (just in that they let you know that there is a box in storage! But you don't know what's in it, unless you meticulously packed and labeled it yourself.) But honestly, all of that was so dynamically overshadowed by their help every step of the way on both ends: both getting packed and picking up my things. And the ease they created for me. They are personable, helpful, supportive and creative. I can't recommend this company enough!!!
We are very happy with the hard working, customer focused team at Shed who worked exceptionally hard for us yesterday! I’m sure the experience will continue to be great and we’ll report back after completion of our service with Shed. Thank-you! Tara & Ryan
Will Navarro April 1
quick, clean and courteous
Mariana Taswin March 30
The easiest way to store things from big furniture items to small personal items. The Shed team came and they do everything from carefully bubble wrapped and packed. Then they take all the stuff to their warehouse. The team that came yesterday are friendly and very professional. They efficiently finished the packing quickly. The driver Shane and his team are very pleasant to deal with. i recommend others to use Shed services for easy and no headache moving.
Wilson Tee March 25
They were extremely helpful when I asked them to move the furniture back to storage. They packed everything carefully and responded very quickly when I asked for delivery. Totally recommend them!!
Melissa Knopf March 25
These guys are moving my aunt and she called me and asked if I could please write a review. She is so impressed with their professional, hardworking movers. They pay attention to detail and are absolutely amazing! My aunt has moved A LOT. She's never been so impressed by movers... usually she has many complaints. Not one complaint with SHED. Kudos guys.
Wow what amazing company and concept So professional; they can right on time, prepped all areas of my house with carpeting and wore booties so not to track stuff in. They bubble wrapped and catalogued everting and we’re very organized Devon the team lead handled everything so proficiently and all the guys were very knowledgeable about the services and process. I highly recommend Shed !
Shar Elle March 19
Awesome service and the most helpful and friendliest staff. I’m glad I went with SHED!! ???? ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Shirley Parry March 16
Courteous and friendly staff even though the pick up was a little later than scheduled. Overall very efficient and painless to get add a few more boxes to an already existing storage unit. 5 stars. Thanks!
John Morton March 14
From first point of contact to the final box loaded into the truck, the good people at Shed were superb. They packed with extreme care, photographed, bar-coded, worked hard and fast -- and were light-hearted and agreeable company. Moving is way up there on the Psychological Stressor scale, and these dedicated professionals made it a walk in the park. I'd recommend them to anyone for a seamless, careful move!
CourtLyn Cannan March 10
I really have to say this is probably going to take over the world as far as storage companies. I’m really excited for the future of this company. As a business owner myself, I am blown away by the service they provide. I’m sure I sound like a paid person to write a good review , but I unfortunately am not lol. I pay full price for the biggest unit you can have and my family & friends are all signing up because of me so maybe y’all could give me a lil discount Heheeh jk kinda. Anyways they’re amazing and the staff that come to store,move, &inventory everything. Well they all know me by now because I use the service a lot and they’re just super cool and friendly. I clearly highly recommend this company on so many levels love you shed!
Was super happy with the movers they provided. They were extremely careful with my stuff and made sure nothing would be damaged in terms of my items as well as the house I was moving my stuff from. They were well mannered and courteous. Thanks for the help.
The guys were great! Super helpful and really took a lot of care in handling my stuff.
Tiffany Rennick January 25
Baran Fidanboy January 23
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How Shed Works

  • We Pack
    & Catalog

    your stuff in our
    easy to use App so
    you know always
    what you have in

  • We Move
    & Load

    your stuff from your home into your dedicated storage unit then seal it until you need it back

  • We Secure
    & Store

    your storage unit in one of our secure warehouses monitored 24-hours a day 7-days a week

  • We Deliver Quickly

    any requested item
    you need in as little
    as 2 hours & we'll
    pick it back up for

  • We Return
    & Unpack

    all of your stuff, unload into your home, reassemble items & remove packing materials

Why Shed?
Dedicated Storage Unit* -
FREE In-Person Estimate - -
FREE Packing Materials -
FREE Professional Packing - -
FREE Pick-up Delivery -
FREE Same Day & 2-Hour Item Delivery - -
Online Photo Inventory & App -
90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee - -
No Damage Guarantee* - -
In-Person Access -
*Utilizes patent-pending shelving technology
The Shed Difference

Shed has redefined self-storage. We are hassle-free storage where you and your stuff comes first. Our expert staff does EVERYTHING so you don’t have to.

Sit back, relax and don’t worry about:

buying boxes or bubble Wrap, organizing, packing, renting trucks, asking friends for help, wasting a whole weekend, going to a dark & dingy storage unit, or damaging your stuff.

Shed has you covered!
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